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Cartier – “Clash de Cartier” at Stockholm

Stockholm, « Clash de Cartier »: An outstanding chandelier based on 5 IVL Photons.

The look of a design piece, a combination of decor, mapping, and immersion, with the ease of use of a standard lighting fixture.

A creative concept as efficient as it is elegant, imagined by the untitledproject.com Agency (Berlin), produced by Primetec Sweden AB (sweden), and operated by Anne Weckström , who testify: « “IVL Photons were a perfect choice to create a luxurious and versatile experience for the celebration of Clash de Cartier. Fixtures were like a piece of jewelry, a decorative object with smooth, but varied colors and looks. Later in the evening IVL Photons started a light show with different beams, movements and unique expressions. My favorite parts of working with IVL Photons are the endless possibilities and beautiful, atmospheric looks. »

copyright: Cartier and PrimetecAB