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Where to find our products?

Please contact our local partners or us directly for products availabilities/quotations and demo.

The Minuit Une Consulting team is dedicated to supporting you at any steps of your projects to make it happen in the best way, and this whatever are your inquiries or needs. We can for instance:

• find your most appropriate provider
• build and optimize your budget
• answer any technical questions
• provide training
• share our creative advice

You can’t get our products in your network? Let us help you find a solution!

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Headquarters – Paris, France

International Network

Australia / New Zealand – Showtools
Austria – Luxson
Belgium – Luxillag
Canada – Theatrixx Technologies
Chile – MMT
China – Damei
Colombia – Control Luminico Electrónico S.A.S. (CLE)
Czech – Lightneq
Estonia – Showgear / Valgus
Finland – msonic Oy
France – Axente
Greece – Audiotech
Ireland – Entedi LTD
Israel – Danor
Italy – Molpass Italy
Japan – Hibino Lighting Inc.
Latvia – Diogens
Mexico – Representaciones de Audio
Norway – Multitechnic AS
Philippines – 808 International
Portugal – Videomater
Russia – ShowAtelier
South Korea – Tongsuh Technology Co. Ltd.
Spain – VCI
Switzerland – AudioFly
Turkey – Modern Elektronik A.Ş.
Ukraine – Complex V
United Kingdom – Entedi Ltd
USA – Inner Circle Distribution
For other inquiries, please contact us.