Minuit Une presents the IVL Photon:

Immersive beam shapes in small & mid-sized venues.

Minuit Une develops, designs, and manufactures innovative lighting solutions dedicated to giving smaller productions the magnitude and emotions of big arena lighting experiences: the IVL Lighting range.


The IVL luminaires allow the conception of next-generation light shows in small and mid-sized venues:

 – highly creative, immersive, and spectacular

 – cost-effective, low logistics, low consumption, low carbon footprint


IVL Photon: Winner of the 2022 Plasa Award for Innovation

IVL Square: Winner of the 2019 LDI Best Debuting Product

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Tutorials, fixtures and effects library, user manuals… All the ressources you need for IVL Lighting are just one click away.

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About Minuit Une

Minuit Une is a French manufacturer based in Paris. Founded in 2013, the company develops the IVL Lighting and is now expanding internationally.


Minuit Une's IVL Lighting products are available through a strong network of distributors

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