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France, Théatre antique de vienne,@Sofiane Pamart and @veekomorlet

The IVL Photon was at the heart of Sofiane Pamart design, demonstrating its versatility with three distinct outputs – immersive, decorative, and creative punch.

Feust, the brilliant lighting designer, has once again outdone himself at the recent Sofiane Pamart show.

Each feature played a crucial role in enhancing the overall experience. The immersive mirror output created a captivating backdrop, while the frost output added a decorative touch, and the moving core brought dynamic energy to the stage.

Despite the outdoor setting, Feust managed to deliver an intimate and immersive experience, akin to a big arena show, but with the personal touch of a smaller venue.

The fact that he achieved this with only 8 units speaks volumes about the IVL Photon efficiency.

It’s always inspiring to see such talent and creativity in action, and we can’t wait to see what he does next.

Production : @Auguri Productions

Provider : @MPM audiolight & @BLive

Light Design : @feustlight

Mixer : @sinewave.audio

Pictures : @urbanmythology 

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