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Philippe Poisel

New record for Minuit Une in Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin with 13,000 people for Philipp Poisel show light designed by Robert Kröber and Johannes Zink! With this tour through all German Arenas, using a line of 10 IVL Carrés in the back of stage A and a circle of 10 IVL Pyramides above stage B plus B-Eye, BMFL and Mythos, Minuit Une step up a notch… Have a look on the superb work signed by Robert Kröber & Johannes Zink.

Philippe Poisel Tour 9 Philippe Poisel Tour 3 Philippe Poisel Tour 4 Philippe Poisel Tour 5 Philippe Poisel Tour 6 Philippe Poisel Tour 7

IVL Lighting: 10 IVL Carrés and 10 IVL Pyramides
Provided by: Jäger Group
Light designer: Robert Kröber & Johannes Zink
Europe 2017 Tour