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What is IVL™ Lighting?

IVL™ Lighting is a new category of lighting created and patented by Minuit Une. IVL™ Lighting is the first-ever lighting range, specially designed for experience. IVL™ Lighting by Minuit Une is based on a ground-breaking technology to go further in lighting design.

For the first time ever, create spectacular experiences without heavy logistics:
– Advanced shapes: stunning visual lighting shapes and decors, « like a 3-D architecture ».
– Unique immersive feeling: wide coverage area, calibrated output, enveloping lights covering all the available space « feel the light around you»
– Unlimited versatility: infinite effect combinations; constantly renewed style or atmospheres within a show, « never cease to surprise the audience »
– Without a custom programming software: Intuitive programming from your own DMX console

Without heavy infrastructures: IVL™ products are a concentrate of technology. Small-sized, light-weighted and robust, they can be hung anywhere in any direction.

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