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USA Tour, ALY & AJ concert, 7 IVL Photon

Marc Janowitz & Jacob Wesson, two incredible lighting designers, have truly outdone themselves at the recent Aly & Aj electro/pop concert. Using only 7 units of the IVL Photon, they created endless looks and unforgettable memories for everyone present. The IVL Photon’s unique ability to deliver immersive beam shapes and create a myriad of looks in a small venue like this, allowed them to deliver a big arena experience in an intimate setting. This is particularly great for touring, as the compact design of the IVL Photon makes it easy to install and integrate as a piece of decor. 

💡LD :  @marc_janowitz & @e26design@jacob.wesson

Provided by :  @pulse_lighting

📸 Credit photo : @e26design & @auhasardspr 

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